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Upcoming trips

2013 Ethiopia Alas the six week road trip from Luxor via Khartoum to the blue Nile has been cut shourt to a 21 day around Ethiopia. Still planning to see the Blue NIle source and some other stuff. Again a big challange for my camera to get it all digitalized.

2013 South England. A road trip along the South of England, land at Hastings and piss off some Anglo Saxons. Been done before, but still we love a good pub, hoppy beers and mushy peas. What can go wrong? Besides the weather that is in Englands green.

2013 Cote Opal. A short trip to what once was part of the Flanders.

2013 Milan: La bella figura comes with a price tag my visa card can not cope with. Still windowshopping comes in my budget, and a gelato as well. Recovering from a bad winter this will be a nice treat for a weekend break

Past trips

2012 LIguria and the Provence: With the car drive to the Italian Riviera and continue via the French riviera to the Provence. See posh portofino, cruise along the winding roads of Monaco and look at Van Gogh's sunflowers. We arrive just in time to see the gypsy's fest at Saintes Maries de la Mer.

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2012 Namibia, botswana and Capetown:With a campervan through Namibia and Botswana and aterwards recuprerate in Cape Town before going back home. From Crocodile to Elephants and whales. This place seems to have it all.

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2011 November: a 5 day road trip along the Gothic catherdals of Northern France

2011 November: A food weekend somewhere around the rhine, near to the Lorelei so I will be carefull about the "Gesäng" as in Wein, Weib und Gesäng.

2011 august:Notthing Hill Carnaval. The weather wasn't tropical but all the rest was perfect. The closest one can get to the real deal in Europe.

2011 June: A giro of Sicily. Best food I ever had and a travel through time from the Phoenicians to Garibaldi. All in a compact space. Read the report

April 2011: Semana Santa in Andalucia, Who would think a heretic like me would do such a thing?

2010 November: Ieper, In flanders where the poppies grow - rain prevent me from making some good "foggy" photos of the graveyards. Will go back for winter photos soon.

East Turkey, - September 2010

In search of the Kingdom of Presbyter John we travelled around East Turkey to find the last Christian Emperor. A three-week trek trough deserted landscapes dotted with church ruins. We did not find that boat Moses lost on mount Ararat.

The plan was to go from lake Van to Yerevan but due to work I had to cut the tail end of the trip. From Van to Konya in 2 weeks then. Marhaba!

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flagNew York, California and the South West : May/june 2010

First a city trip to NY and then with a campervan through the southwest.

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The Mekong hilltribes: October/ November '09: a visit to the Mekong Area. From Yunnan to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. To speed things up we fly to Kunming and we have three regional flights via Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. So six countries in one month. Again a crazy Indiana Jones trip.

Itinenary : Mekong route

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Berlin August 2009 : to complete ourcourse on Babylonia a visit to the Pergamon museum was necessary. Last time I was in Berlin was in 1989 when the wall was still standing. Friendly people and good beer.

Egypt & Jordan. March 2009

A three week trip from the valley of the Kings to the Kingdom of the Hashemites.

Istanbul February 2009

Just a short city trip to escape from the winter in Belgium. We were greeted by snow in Istanboel...

Anyway, we were looking for the traces of Byzantium but found evidence of Constantinople, Byzantium and the ottaman era. But Istanboel today is as much a modern city with shopping malls as any other city in Europe.

Rajasthan November 2008

Why do we love India? A horrible place, noisy, dirty, too many people.... Yet every time we go back for more...Look at the pictures and see why. India is more than chicken curry, but we do love the spicey stuff.

Read the Rajasthan Express report or click on the India webpage for more on India.

Paris Augustus 2008

A summertrip to Paris. We enjoyed Paris in august, as there were very few French around. All of to "le midi". The Louvre was really nice to spend a day, but walking around Paris in summer time is great as well.

Rome, Naples and the Amalfi coast May 2008

If you are looking for the sweet life, seek no more. History, culture and food all packed in one.

Silk road May-June 2007

Read my report about our seven weeks on the silk road or just view my pictures