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Next Travels plan:

Our travels have stopped for the moment, the destination is found!

After an unfortunate accident we have suspended our travels for a few years - Côte d'Opal

But we have found our own little piece of paradise and will be there as much as possible. Other travels are on hold for a couple of years.

In the meantime no place in Sicily will be safe from us!


Welcome, welcome, whatever you are, it doesn't matter. Whether you are an infidel, an idolater or a fireworshipper!

This website is not a place of despair. Come, and come again..... (adapted from Rumi's writing)

The purpose of this site:

This place is dedictated to my two favorite activities: travel and photography. Travel still is my most favorite activity. The only time I do not have a worry in the world or any physical pain is when I am somewhere on the road. Photography is slowly catching on, especially since I bought a digital camera a few years back.

 So the goal is to bring all my information about this on the site, as well as create links to other sites. We will see how it goes.....


First contact

Please send me a message if you have some ideas to share about travel or photography.

Do you know any interesting sites, please let me know as well.

All comments about this site are greatly appreciated.



I am more of a traveller than a webbuilder, so things will go wrong. Any comments on the technical part of webbuilding will be appreciated as well.


Rudi@soefisinjoor.be or send a message


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